Castell d’Alaró

The Castell d’Alaró is one of the places of destiny of Mallorca. Its origins on the strategically important mountain Puig d’Alaró date back to the Bronze Age. The oldest documents about the fortress castle date back to 902. The Castell d’Alaró resisted the Saracen conquest for eight and a half years. It entered Mallorcan legend through the commanders Cabrit and Bassa, who defended the castle against Alfonso III in 1285 and were cruelly executed by the king. The two are now considered great historical figures of the island and are venerated as martyrs in the castle chapel.

The Castell d’Alaró is not only famous as a historical place, but also as the destination of the most beautiful hiking routes of Mallorca. The climb will take you over easy to moderate routes through the breathtaking Tramuntana mountains. On the 822-meter-high castle opens up a panoramic view all the way to Palma.

Short hiking routes for drivers

Coming from the mountain village of Orient, a serpentine road branches off to the fort just before Alaró. The road gets worse and worse until you reach the estate Finca Es Verger. Here you should leave your car in the parking lot and walk the rest of the way to the castle, which takes about an hour. If you are not at the height of your strength and in possession of an off-road car, there is the possibility of driving fifteen minutes to the parking lot Es Pouet via a stone track. From here it is a fifteen minute walk up a flight of steps to the castle.

Ascent to the Castell d’Alaró from Orient

In a high valley between Alaró and Bunyola lies the village of Orient at 490 meters above sea level. From here, a three-hour round trip will take you up to the castle and back to the village. If you arrive by car, you can leave the car in Orient or directly at the Orient/Alaró road at kilometer 11.8. Here the tour begins uphill on a gravel road. The route, which is of medium difficulty, has an altitude difference of 580 meters and passes through the Es Verger farm and the Es Pouet forest saddle. It is only partially recommended for children, because in the summit area the wall falls are not secured everywhere.


Ascent to the Castell d’Alaró from Alaró

From Alaró, a moderately difficult tour leads to the castle. You start from the eastern edge of the village. You can reach this starting point by car from the Placa de l’Ajuntament via Carrer Petit in the direction of Orient. The round trip takes four hours and overcomes altitude differences of 600 meters. It is not suitable for children because of the partially unsecured wall falls. On the way to the castle you will pass the farm Es Verger and the mountain saddle of Pla des Pouet.

The big round tour to the Castell d’Alaró

If you want to explore the beautiful mountainous area around Mallorca’s historic fortress intensively, we recommend the large circular route. It starts in Alaró on the Placa de l’Ajuntament and leads over 750 meters altitude difference. For the big round tour you have to calculate five hours walking time. You will hike along side roads, driveways, paved paths, sometimes even through creek beds and up steep stairs. On the way there you will pass the Hotel l’Hermitage. On the way back, you will pass by the Es Verger estate. The large circular tour is also not suitable for children because of its sometimes strenuously steep ascents.


Tips for equipment and refreshments

On all tours to the Castell d’Alaró there are resting places in the shade. Nevertheless, long stretches of the paths run unprotected in the sun. Headgear and sufficient water are obligatory on the hike. The same applies to footwear suitable for mountain hiking. For refreshments during the hike, the Es Verger estate is highly recommended. This inn is all about what counts: Real food. Leave the menu aside and order the shoulder of lamb. It is prepared according to ancient family tradition and is unforgettably tender on the tongue. By the way, you can also spend the night in the hermitage at the Castell d’Alaró. The sleeping accommodation is as cheap as it is uncomfortable. The breathtaking view from the roof of the world is free of charge.