Sant Salvador Monastery Mountain

The former Santuari de Sant Salvador monastery on the Puig de Sant Salvador mountain of the same name offers an incredible panoramic view. Even from the monastery itself, there is a view of almost the entire island. To the northwest, the view extends to the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range with its thousand-metre-high peaks.

Only five minutes’ walk away is the gigantic stone cross on Es Picot. From there, in good weather, you can see north to the Bay of Alcúdia with the telescope installed there. On the east coast, the view extends from Canyamel in the north to Porto Cristo. In the south, with good visibility over the sea, even the Cabrera archipelago can be made out. Hardly any other vantage point in the south of Mallorca offers such a complete view over the whole island.



The Santuari de Sant Salvador is located southeast of Felantix. Shortly after leaving the town on the road to Portocolom, the MA 4011 branches off to the right and winds up for about seven kilometres to the monastery. Initially still flat through fields and groves, the road becomes increasingly steeper and leads in many serpentines around the peak to the summit with the monastery, which clings to the slope like a heavily fortified swallow’s nest. You should drive very carefully here if you are travelling by car.

Many cyclists take the ascent sportily on two wheels, and if they meet you on the way down, it can get tight on the narrow road. In addition, it is really worthwhile to enjoy the changing views again and again on the approach and to stop as often as possible at vantage points. You should also take time to visit the small chapel halfway along the road. It is a beautiful testimony to the living folk faith.


The monastery complex on Puig de Sant Salvador


In 1992, the last monks left the monastery on Puig de Sant Salvador. Since then, the site has been managed by two local families who also run a nice restaurant. Experiencing a sunset here and then a nice dinner is an unforgettable experience for any gourmet.

Rooms are also available for rent on the Puig de Sant Salvador. Since the renovation in 2008, all 20 rooms and the two flats have their own showers and toilets. Nevertheless, the vaulted ceilings and stone walls always convey a somewhat monastic feeling. The Santuari de Sant Salvador is a place for lovers of tranquillity who like to be captured by the mysticism of an ancient place of pilgrimage.

Even if the monastery looks more like a fortress from the outside, the church has some art treasures to offer on the inside. A statue of the Madonna from the 13th century and a unique stone carving, a retable made of alabaster from the 16th century, are testimonies to the long history of the church, which in its present form dates from the 17th century. The very intimate image of the Madonna above the portal to the courtyard is not yet clearly dated. There is also a beautiful relief of the Last Supper to admire in the courtyard. It is a replica of the relief from the Mirador, the portal of the Cathedral in Palma.



By bike and on foot to the Santuari de Sant Salvador

For cyclists, the winding road to Santuari de Sant Salvador is a delight, especially in spring and autumn. In summer, you should be well trained if you want to tackle the almost 500 metres in altitude over a seven-kilometre stretch in summer temperatures. Of course, you can also cover the distance on the road on foot without any problems, but it is certainly nicer to drive up and take a hike from there, for example to the Castell de Santuari. This is a good three-hour hike over ten kilometres downhill and uphill, leading along quiet paths through untouched nature. There is also an impressive view from the castle complex, for example to the bays around Portocolom. The view almost reminds you of Norwegian fjords.

Short walks lead from the monastery complex to the stone cross mentioned above or to the nearby Christ the King Monument. The figure of Christ on the 30-metre-high tower towers over the unspoilt landscape. From the Christ the King Monument, too, new vistas of the enchanting Mallorcan landscape open up. Hidden in the crypt beneath the monument is a small chapel that invites you to prayer and meditation.