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Palma De Mallorca

Invest in a property in Mallorca

Real estate investments on Mallorca, and in particular in the luxury segment, are in high demand.
Anyone wishing to purchase a property on Mallorca at present will have to choose from a much smaller range in comparison to last year, as well as making a quick decision and paying a higher price. So say the results of an independent market research study.

Property prices have increased by 40% over the past 7 years, and the trend continues due to the constant high demand and limited supply. As one of the most attractive places in the entire Mediterranean region, Mallorca’s elevated value makes it a safe place in which to invest in real estate.

Anyone acquiring a property on Mallorca, whether as an investment, a holiday home or to live in all year round, can be confident of the stability of the market. Real estate prices in the premium segment have not been affected by the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, and have remained stable.

Long-term investments in the sustainability and infrastructures of the island bolster its appeal even more.

Today, more than ever, stable flight connections to numerous European countries and a perfect climate are persuasive arguments in favour of Mallorca. Thanks to the excellent Internet connection, the superb international schools and hospitals that make life on the island possible all year round, increasing numbers of foreign buyers are making their permanent home on the island. All these factors and the continuous high demand for properties on Mallorca are an indication that the premium segment of the market remains stable.

Persuasive arguments in favour of Mallorca

A Perfect climate:

With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, Mallorca offers warm summers and mild winters, with temperatures that rarely fall below 12 degrees. The perfect climate for enjoying life outdoors all year long.


Great accessibilityty:

Mallorca can be reached from practically anywhere in Europe in 1.5 to 2 hours of flight. International buyers are not only looking for the Mediterranean way of life – they are also attracted by the short travel distance to Mallorca.


Mallorca offers a high level of security. The security forces have years of experience in making the island safe for the multiple visitors it receives. It is comparatively easy to control and strengthen the security of the island’s borders, due to the low number of possible entry points.


Mallorca has a highly-evolved, fast network of motorways, so the main routes from Palma allow one to access even the remotest places on the island in an hour and a half by car. Thanks to the excellent Internet connection in private homes, many entrepreneurs also take advantage of the possibility of working from home.

Health system:

Mallorca offers the best medical infrastructure, with five private hospitals (Clínica Juaneda, Hospital Juaneda Muro, Clínica Miramar, Clínica Rotger, Hospital Quirónsalud Palmaplanas) and numerous medical centres (60 doctors’ surgeries). As a result, the island can guarantee medical care for millions of visitors. It offers cutting-edge facilities, advanced methods and treatments, the latest medical technology and first-class health professionals. As well as Spanish doctors, there are also many German and British doctors practising on the island, from most medical disciplines.

Varied scenery:

One important element of Mallorca’s appeal is its diverse, varied scenery, which attracts an equally diverse clientele. The impressive interaction of the sea (208 beaches) and the mountains is appreciated by many visitors to the island. In June of 2011 Mallorca’s most important mountain range, the Serra de Tramuntana, which runs through the island from northeast to southwest, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the cultural landscape category for its wealth of natural systems and cultural elements.

Culinary world / gastronomy:

Mallorca has plenty to offer in culinary terms. Among others, it has 9 restaurants with a Michelin star (Voro, DINS, Bens d’Avall, Adrian Quetglas, Es Fum, Restaurante Jardín en Puerto Alcudia, Restaurante Andreu Genestra, Restaurante Marc Fosh, Restaurante Zaranda). This Balearic island also offers accommodation in 57 luxury hotels within the 5-star category.


There are 17 international schools on Mallorca which offer a good education to local and foreign residents, from pre-school to university age. The lessons are given in the native language of the children and at the same time they can learn Spanish, along with other languages.

Sporting activities:

The island enjoys an excellent reputation as a major destination for sport enthusiasts and offers a wide range of superb installations, including the Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy. Whether for hiking (400 km of hiking trails), sailing (47 marinas), cycling (1,250 km of cycling lanes) or playing golf (23 golf courses), the island has something to suit all tastes.

The capital, Palma de Mallorca:

As a travel destination in its own right, Palma offers a combination of culture, architecture, shops and gastronomy. The city grew up around its old quarter, which is dominated by the cathedral. Many of its historical buildings have been restored. The international airport of Son Sant Joan is just 8 kilometres to the east of the island’s capital city.

Culture and Society:

The island’s social and cultural calendar includes a wide range of different events throughout the year, for audiences of all ages, with concerts, theatre, markets, exhibitions, sporting events and traditional fiestas.