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The individual regions could hardly be more different. The rough north, the quiet west, the gentle south and the lively east as well as the rural plains of the center of the island – to discover each region and its character for itself is worth its own vacation. But also in short day trips unforgettable impressions can be gained.

The regions at a glance


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The island has no natural freshwater resources, natural lakes or rivers do not exist. Drinking water comes from two reservoirsreservoirs in the mountains. By the way, Mallorca’s highest mountain is located in the mountain range Serra de Tramuntana and is 1445 meters high, which is why it is called Puig Major (“big mountain”). Mallorca is home to about 1500 species of plants, including rare species and wild orchids. There are 15 nature reserves where the characteristic flora and fauna of the island are protected.


Mallorca in numbers

About 907,197 inhabitants are at home on Mallorca, almost half of them live in the capital Palma alone. Palma is not only the capital of Mallorca, but also the capital of the Balearic Islands and the seat of government. The proportion of foreigners on the island is about 17 percent with 130,000 people.

In addition, almost 10 million tourists visit the island annually. In more than 1600 hotel complexes and countless holiday homes and fincas Mallorca fans can enjoy their vacations. To handle these volumes of tourists, Mallorca’s airport has been gradually expanded and is now the third largest airport in Spain. It is designed to handle 25 million passengers a year. With these numbers, it is not surprising that tourism is the main source of income for the island.

To get to know Mallorca, it is best to get a personal impression of the island. Away from facts and figures, the multifaceted vacation paradise Mallorca has namely many surprises to offer…


Worth knowing about Mallorca

Where exactly is Mallorca located?

The island of Mallorca belongs to the archipelago of the Balearic Islands and is located in Spain. It is with 3680 km² the largest island of the Balearic Islands and is located about 180 km southeast of Barcelona in the Mediterranean Sea.

How big is Mallorca?

Mallorca is the largest Balearic island with an area of 3603 km². For comparison, Germany is about 100 times as large. Mallorca is located about 170 km from the Spanish mainland in the Mediterranean Sea. The island has a coastline of 550 km in length, in addition to varied vegetation and diverse landscapes.

How many people live in Mallorca?

907,197 (as of 2018).

What is the name of the capital of Mallorca?

Palma de Mallorca