Souvenirs from Mallorca

Every holiday in Mallorca is unforgettable; weeks later you still think you can feel the sand under your feet and the warm sun on your face. You would love to pack a piece of the holiday flair for those at home, or simply take a souvenir of the island home with you.

When looking for an unusual souvenir, you naturally can’t miss all the “classics” that are offered everywhere on the island: Leather goods from Inca, artificial pearls from Manacor, handicrafts made of clay, glass and ceramics, or Mallorca’s culinary flagships, such as ensaimada and sobrassada. The regular Majorca holidaymaker knows them, these usual souvenirs and souvenirs, which are often even bought at the airport shortly before the return flight.


But what if you want to give something individual? Which memories from Mallorca are really still something special and are not in every holidaymaker’s luggage?



There are many different ways to find the right souvenir for every taste. Culinary delights are particularly important on the island. The Mediterranean way of life also includes delicious, healthy food made from fresh, typical local products. The sweet dough snails Ensaimadas are probably the best-known pastry in Mallorca and are perhaps one of the best sellers at the airport. They are carried all over the world by holidaymakers in large hexagonal boxes. Tip: Enjoy an ensaimada directly in the café or fresh from the bakery. It is not for nothing that there is a saying on Mallorca that an ensaimada must be eaten before 10 o’clock in the morning.

The island has much more to offer in the way of epicurean delights. Passionate cooks will be delighted with high-quality olive oil or Mallorcan salt. Marmalades are made fresh and by hand in many places, for example by the nuns in the Monestir de la Santa Familia convent on the outskirts of Manacor. Mallorcan honey gathers the aromas of Mallorca’s meadows, herbs and flowers for the breakfast table at home.



Olive trees dominate Mallorca’s landscape, especially in the north. Many historic oil mills have been converted into holiday homes. But the oil mills, called tafones in Mallorca, that are still in operation can usually be visited. When you visit an oil mill, for example Can Det in Sollér, you can buy a few bottles of the excellent oil directly. Sometimes there are also oil tastings. Real Mallorcan olive oil traditionally has the designation of origin “Oli di Mallorca”.

In the salt marshes of Ses Salines in the south-east of the island, the famous salt “Flor de Sal” is extracted. It is produced on the surface of the seawater salt flats and is skimmed off by hand. Flor de Sal should not be missing in any Mallorca fan’s kitchen.



Almond trees thrive everywhere in Mallorca’s Mediterranean climate and are almost a national crop. The annual almond blossom attracts hundreds of visitors to the island. No less popular is the delicious almond cake Gato de Almendras, served with vanilla ice cream. But almonds are also used to make a delicious liqueur or the typical Christmas sweet turrón. For those who want to take home a truly exclusive souvenir of the almond island of Mallorca, the perfume “Flor d’Ametler” is highly recommended. The delicate scent of almond blossoms is captured by hand in an elaborate traditional process and enchants its wearers. A real almond blossom floats in each bottle, a truly beautiful souvenir for every lady.

Of course, the island also has many fresh specialities. These include the aforementioned sobrassada, a spicy mettwurst made from the meat of black pigs raised especially for this purpose. Spain and Mallorca lovers will also always be enthusiastic about the delicious Jamón Serrano ham. It is advisable to buy this fresh at the counter on the day of departure, not in the duty-free shop at the airport.



Furthermore, exquisite wine varieties mature on Mallorca for the delicious Mallorcan wines, for example from Binissalem. Mallorcan cheese specialities, the Quesos Mallorquines, go well with the wine. The well-known varieties Mahón and Manchego, on the other hand, come from the neighbouring island of Menorca and the Spanish mainland respectively.

The herbal liqueur hierbas is almost a classic. Its name reveals that it consists of a total of nine types of herbs, which give it its wholesome effect and fine aniseed flavour. It is not a bitters, but it is enjoyed after a meal because the herbs stimulate digestion. What’s more, it tastes extremely good.



Why not bring home a little memento of Mallorca’s stunning natural beauty? Mallorca’s rich Mediterranean flora is home to numerous pretty plants that will keep us thinking about our holidays back in Germany for a long time to come. It is, of course, taboo to bring back protected and protected plants. Digging up larger plants should also be avoided, if only for transport reasons. If you are not sure, please leave the plant where it is. However, many plants develop countless small offshoots or lose seeds. You can safely take some of these with you, plant them at home and enjoy the slowly growing little Mallorca landscape on your windowsill.

It is good to know that most of the products are actually produced on the island. Often you can visit the production sites and even experience the manufacturing process first hand. So, with a few exceptions, tourists are not fobbed off with cheap imports from the Far East. On the other hand, the goods sometimes have their price. But an original Mallorca souvenir should be worth it.

There are usually no problems at customs, as Mallorca is within the EU and the goods are therefore duty-free. Only the permissible quantity restrictions must be observed. However, as long as you export small quantities for private use, there are no problems.


Whether you end up with the tried-and-tested classic or take home a truly individual product: the Mallorca souvenir will sweeten the wait for the next visit and also convince those at home of the advantages of the island.