Easter in Mallorca

If you spend the Easter vacations in Mallorca, you will be surprised by an island that shows a completely different face than in the summer high season. After the almond blossom in January and February has heralded the spring in Mallorca, it is already green and blooming everywhere at Easter. In addition, warmer temperatures can be expected, which are usually above the values prevailing at the same time in Germany.

However, since the weather in spring is still quite unstable, T-shirt weather can of course not be guaranteed. For walks on the mostly deserted beaches, the time around Easter is perfect, the island is not yet so crowded and you can find peace and relaxation everywhere. Also, the travel deals are cheaper than in the summer vacations.

The weather over Easter in March & April

Easter is the most important religious festivity on the Catholic-influenced island. Thus, as a visitor, you get the opportunity to witness numerous religious spectacles and processions during the Easter holidays. Those who are enthusiastic about Christian customs should not miss the festive events that are worth seeing.

The Easter festival week, the “Semana Santa”, traditionally begins on the Sunday before Easter, Palm Sunday. Not only because of the beautiful church, you can attend the festive service in the Cathedral of Palma. After the blessing of palm and olive branches, the faithful parade through the streets. Well known are the “Crist de la Sang” processions on Maundy Thursday evening, where traditional brotherhoods in medieval costumes carry huge figures of saints through the streets. These so-called penitential processions attract many visitors year after year.


Easter Sundays at a glance

On Good Friday, the processions of the Deposition of the Cross, known as devallements, take place in several towns in Mallorca. In the light of countless candles, one can experience this atmospheric tradition especially in Pollencaimpressive. A visitor magnet and at the same time a spectacle worth seeing is the Stations of the Cross Passion Play on the steps in front of the Cathedral of Palma on Good Friday. A theater group performs the dramatic story of the Passion of Jesus Christ. The main services then take place on Easter Sunday.



To spend the Easter holidays in Mallorca is a good opportunity to escape the still fresh and changeable climate of Germany and enjoy the mild temperatures of the vacation island of Mallorca.