Places of interest in Valldemossa

Walking through the town with its many small side streets and winding paths, one can – despite the omnipresent streams of tourists – still experience the dreamy charm of the town and understand what must have pleased the artists so much about this place. The Mediterranean flair and the sleepy-looking, original town have just as magical an effect on its visitors today as they did a hundred years ago.

Catalina Thomás

Valldemossa also has a special status due to the fact that it is the birthplace of the famous saint of Mallorca, Catalina Thomás. Thus, walking through the pretty town, you can see everywhere elaborately decorated tiles depicting the life of the saint, who is particularly venerated here. The parish church of Sant Bartomeu with its old bell tower is also worth a visit.

Valldemossa Charterhouse (Monastery)

The Charterhouse can be visited today, after being rebuilt and prepared for visitors. In addition to “typical” Mallorcan everyday objects, legacies of the Polish composer are also exhibited. The old monastery pharmacy and the monastery’s own garden are also worth seeing. In the nearby Museo Municipal you can also admire works by Picasso and Miró.

The town is also home to the Costa Nord Cultural Center, which was initiated through the efforts of actor Michael Douglas. Here you can find information and interesting facts about the nature of the Tramuntana mountains, as well as the annual cultural events of the region. But also the culinary side is not neglected in Valldemossa. A sweet and refreshing drink made from almonds and a traditional pastry made from potatoes are typical of the area. To the north is Port de Valldemossa, where you can finally cool off after a long stroll through the town.


The weekly market in Valldemossa is held on Sundays.


The small beach at the foot of the harbor village is rarely visited and so even in the summer months you can often enjoy a “private” swim in crystal clear water here.

A little tip.

Who can, should visit Valldemossa in the off-season, because then it is not quite so busy. Especially on Sundays you have a good chance to explore undisturbed due to the fact that many tourist destinations are closed.