Tipping in Mallorca

Especially on vacation, people like to be pampered, relax and enjoy good service. Often you want to express your satisfaction with the help of a tip, but may be unsure whether and in what amount tips are customary on vacation. It is advisable to know the respective customs of the country regarding possible tips before the trip to avoid misunderstandings.

In Mallorca, it is generally similar to Germany. As a rule of thumb, there is no obligation to tip.

Tips you pay voluntarily to express his satisfaction with the presented performance. Sometimes the tip is also already included in the bill. However, tips are quite common. They are in the range of about 5 – 10% of the bill, as you are used to in Germany. A tip is usually only given to those professions that provide traditional service or services and are therefore, according to experience, eligible for tips. On vacation, this includes service staff in the catering industry as well as cab drivers, hotel bellboys or chambermaids.


Tipping in the restaurant: So it goes

A country-specific difference arises in the way you pay the tip. Contrary to the usual rounding up of the bill in Germany, in Mallorcan restaurants you first pay the entire bill amount as usual and have the return money handed over in full. Then you can leave the desired amount of tip on the table. Don’t be put off if the waiter or waitress takes the money, usually without a word. Often the bill is also served on a plate on which you can discreetly leave the tip. Some waiters only come back to the table when the guest has already left the restaurant.

For a chambermaid, you can leave the tip per week or for the whole stay, for example, on the nightstand of the hotel room. It can be worthwhile to do this in advance at the beginning of the stay.


A trend is also on Mallorca towards less tipping. Locals pay far less tip than tourists, older people more than younger. You should always think for yourself whether you want to tip or not and do it only if satisfied . Since there is no obligation to pay tips, no one is also offended in Mallorca, if you should prove once not generous.